T4 F/N/V - TIER 4B



Compact and special but with large tractor features

Specialist tractors are sometimes compromised when it comes to hydraulic and PTO performance, but not with New Holland. The new T4 F/N/V series can now be specified with a Premium Hydraulic system with a powerful 82 litres per minute pump. As with all New Holland tractors, there is a separate pump for the power steering system, ensuring the pump capacity you order delivers that flow rate you need.

Two hydraulic remotes can be set up with a 100% free-flow return to drive hydraulic motors, with a choice of mid- and front-outlets to suit most needs. The front linkage system is also new, and can now deliver a lift capacity of up to 1,970kg on all models.

Where specified, the front PTO is directly driven from the engine via a hydraulic clutch. Fitted with soft start, the front PTO can deliver full engine power, enabling a new T4 F/N/V model to power larger and more demanding front mounted attachments.

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Advanced electronic draft control for optimum performance

• EDC allows the operator to precisely set up and control implement working depths, lift height and lowering speeds
• Other features include a finger tip controlled fast raise and lower rocker switch

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Lift-O-Matic™ Plus system: speed and precision

• The award winning mechanical hydraulic control system allows you to activate the linkage while maintaining position and draft settings
• When operating the lever, if released, the implement immediately stops at the height corresponding to the actual implement position
• A gentle push or pull of the lever allows for minor adjustments

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Versatile linkage with high capacity

• The rear linkage is adjustable to match Cat I or Cat II implements
• All T4 F/N/V models offer high lift capacities, up to 2600kg on the T4F models
• Quick-attach couplings are standard as are remote linkage controls

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Hydraulic linkage options

• Optional hydraulic stabilisers enable an attachment to be offset to either side of the tractor for specific row work
• The stabilisers can be set in a fixed or float position by the push of a button
• A hydraulic levelling ram can also be specified for the right lower link arm
• Both systems have a dedicated hydraulic supply

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Remotes to power specialist attachments

• A total of three electro-hydraulic remotes allow a maximum of eight outlets to be controlled via push button flow dividers
• The 3 remotes are load sensing allowing simultaneous operation: max valve flow of 45l/min with flow control of 20-45l/min
• The LCD display provides the operating details of each remote valve. Individual valves are selected and adjusted using the knob

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New heavy duty front linkage and PTO package

• Compatible with all new T4 F/N/V tractor models, the new heavy duty, folding front linkage has a lift capacity of up to 1,970kg, an increase of 101%
• Compatible with both standard and SuperSteer™ front axles, the front linkage is available with or without the direct engine driven front PTO
• Direct drive front PTO design ensures up to 93hp is transferred to the front implement
• CAT I/II quick attach couplings are standard
• Link arms can easily be folded to reduce overall length

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