T4 F/N/V - TIER 4B



A wide choice of efficient transmissions

Thanks to the modular build of the new T4 F/N/V tractors, the transmissions can be easily matched to end user needs. Advanced features include powershuttle, power clutch, park lock and creep speed options. To cope with the extra power of the new T4.110, a heavier duty clutch and stronger rear PTO driveline components are used.

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Dual Command™ offers so much more

The 32x16 Dual Command™ transmission with powershuttle offers the same number of ratios as Split Command, but allows a high low push button ratio ‘split’ to be made under full load and without using the clutch. A 44x16 Dual Command transmission is available to meet specialist requirements.

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Power Clutch

• Dual Command transmissions are available with a Power Clutch option
• Operators push a button on the main shift lever to operate the clutch
• Changes on the move are made faster, smoother and more comfortable

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Park Lock system

• Park Lock system is optional on Dual-Command models
• The transmission is mechanically locked from a lever inside the cab
• Additional safety is ensured when parking on slopes

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Shuttle Command™ and Split Command™ transmissions

• Entry level 16x16 Shuttle Command can be specified with a 28x16 creep speed option with a min. working speed of 0.2kph
• A mechanical shuttle is fitted requiring the foot clutch between direction changes

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Creep speed option

• Creep speeds as low as 160 metres/hour are available for precision applications
• Creep speed option does not compromise top speed, with 40kph transport speed available in the same transmission

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Powershuttle speed direction change

• The Powershuttle is ideal where fast direction changes are priority
• The operator can simply use the electro-hydraulic column mounted shuttle lever to change direction
• From neutral, the shuttle lever can be used to smoothly feed power to the transmission without using the clutch

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