Proven mechanical simplicity

A key to versatile performance is having the right transmission speed for the application. With T4S tractors, there are two gearbox configurations; dual range 8x8, for the T4.55S and T4.65S and three range 12 x 12 for the T4.75S. All transmissions share the same proven four synchromesh speeds in each range for easy on the move gear changes. A theoretical top speed of 40 Kp/h is applicable to the T4.75S transmission. Befitting the extra power, this transmission is perfect for utilising the 75hp’s superior torque at low groundspeeds.

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Two working ranges

• Ideally suited to small farm and dairy unit demands, the T4.55S and T4.65S utilise an 8x8 transmission which offers a broad speed selection.
• Split into two ranges, with four speeds in each, the operator uses the foot clutch to change speeds on-the-go. The steering column mounted direction lever selects forward or reverse without using the foot clutch.

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Three ranges, twelve working speeds

• Applications calling for more power and a broader range of speeds have the 12x12 transmission as standard on the T4.75S.
• Featuring four speeds in each of the three working ranges, this transmission retains the traditional ‘H’ shift pattern and column mounted direction lever across the T4S range.

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Loader friendly powershuttle

• T4S models are offered with a column mounted hydraulic powershuttle.
• For front loader applications or speedy headland turns, the hydraulic powershuttle really boosts productivity.

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Four-wheel drive traction

• Four-wheel drive models feature an un-braked turn radius of just 4.7m.
• Fitted with a limited slip front differential, a T4S delivers traction when you need it and brilliant agility when you don’t.
• Electro-hydraulic engaged rear differential lock comes as standard.

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Wheel and Tyre offering

• T4.55S and T4.65S come with 20” fronts and 28” rear wheel equipment. The front is a Heavy-duty type suited to the demands of the loader.
• T4.75S has 24” fronts and 30” rear wheel equipment as standard, befitting a specification that can be used for more specialised traction demands.

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Dynamic front fenders*

• Steering angle is maximized thanks to the dynamic front fenders optional on 4WD models.
• A spring mechanism prevents the fenders touching the tractor chassis, but allows the wheel to continue to its maximum lock.

*Not available with Loader

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