Enhance farming versatility with a front linkage and loader

New Holland knows that full integration is far better than something that has been tacked on as an afterthought. That is why the T5 Dual Command was designed with front loaders and front linkage in mind. The T5 Dual Command is fully compatible with New Holland’s AP and L series range of front loaders: the perfect productivity combination. Moreover, you no longer have to choose between front loader or front linkage, with the new T5 Dual Command you can have both.

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Designed for stabilty and performance

The loader bracket arms are positioned rearward to allow maximum tractor loader stability and enhance overall machine balance. As such the T5 Dual Command’s centre of gravity with a three point linkage ballast allows safer transporting of heavy loads and improves performance when the front end loader is at maximum reach.

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Premium L Series front end loader

Along with the robust and economically priced AP Plus loader, New Holland also offer the premium L Series front end loader which not only provides industry leading visibility, strength and styling, it is feature packed with standard attachment third service hydraulics, fast-lock loader parking stands, auto locking loader to tractor fixing and options such as easy-lock hydraulic attachment locking and hydro-ride integral load damping system to name a few.

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Keep everything under control

The loader joystick has been precision placed on the Command Arc to offer the ultimate in ergonomic operation. Falling naturally to hand, you can take your loader to full extension without the need to stretch and strain. Enhancing comfort. Improving productivity.

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Multifunctional front linkage and PTO for enhanced flexibility

The optional factory fitted front linkage can lift up to 1670kg and the 1000-speed PTO further enriches this range’s outstanding versatility. Hay and forage customers that work with front mounted mowers will wonder how they’ve ever managed without it! The optional multifunction front support offers four interchangeable options for outstanding versatility: simply swap between a front ballast carrier, the front linkage, a front PTO (perfect for municipalities) and the range-topping front linkage and PTO combination; perfect should a change in business focus occur.

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