Flexible transmission offering to suit your needs

Every farmer has different requirements, and intelligent innovation also means offering tried and tested solutions to improve your efficiency. The new Dual Command™, when fitted with the 40kph ECO option offers quiet and fuel efficient transport, and when equipped with the creeper option it offers the ultimate in operational flexibility. But no matter if you like to live life in the fast lane, or if you prefer to take things slow, you’ll always be able to find the perfect solution for your operation.

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Dual Command™. Outstanding efficiency. Tailored shutting performance

The 24x24 Dual Command™ transmission features a Hi-Lo Splitter full load powershift. Activated on the move, it offers a 15% reduction in forward speed to increase available torque by up to 18%. The exclusive PowerClutch button, ergonomically located on the back of the gear lever, shifts between eight speeds in the three main ranges without the need to depress the clutch pedal. You can easily shuttle whilst holding the steering wheel using the column mounted lever for absolute safety. Want more? You can select a soft, standard and aggressive shuttling mode via a dedicated button on the B pillar… all whilst on the move!

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Going slow has never been more productive

The 40x40 Dual Command™ transmission with Creeper are ideal for specialist businesses such as vegetable farmers. Tackle hand planting or harvesting with relish courtesy of creep speeds as low as 0.25kph, a top transport speed of 40kph is maintained to whisk your harvest back to the farm for safe keeping. Furthermore, the creeper function is engaged via an ergonomic lever on the Command Arc.

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Super safe mechanical park lock

If you work in very hilly terrain, then the optional mechanical park lock will give you additional peace of mind. This system is mechanically engaged via a dedicated position on the range lever, and it mechanically locks the gears to prevent even the slightest forward or reverse creep when parked on any slope. This is especially beneficial when towing fully laden trailers.

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Choice of axles to suit your application

The T5 Dual Command range can be specified with a choice of front and rear axles to suit you specific needs. Standard specification is the class 1 Heavy Duty front axle in conjunction with the Heavy Duty rear axle. The optional Large Heavy Duty class 1.5 front axle is ideal for intensive loader and front linkage applications and features a stronger casting, larger diameter hubs and additional wheel studs. Combined with the Large Heavy Duty rear axle, the overall width is increased by 200mm, giving greater stability, and resulting in a GVW increase of 300kg to 6.5 tons.

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Dual Command 4WD or Standard, plus SuperSteer

The entire T5 Dual Command range is specified with four wheel drive axles. During transport, four wheel drive automatically engages to further improve braking performance. Where manoeuvrability is king, the SuperSteer™ front axle, delivers a maximum turning angle of 76° to give you row crop agility in all operations. Reduce the time turning on the headland or in the yard to increase your productivity.

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