Clean performance. Responsive productivity.

TH telehandlers are powered by Tier 4B compliant, NEF 4.5litre, four-cylinder engines, manufactured in house by FPT Industrial. Proven in the New Holland T6 tractor models, these exceptionally clean running engines employ ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology, have a long 600 hour service interval and a proven economy and dependability record. The rated power output is 131hp. This figure climbs to 146hp as engine speed drops to 1,800rpm. To minimise power loss, the engine flywheel connects directly to the transmission via a heavy-duty 280mm torque convertor, a transfer box directing power to the front and rear axles. TH Elite models achieve a maximum 40km/hr transport speed, and feature a transport mode that, when manually activated, automatically locks the boom functions. Transport mode also prevents the operator from activating 4WS or crab steer modes, permitting front axle steering only.

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Reversing fans keep everything cool

• Main engine radiator fan reverses every 6 minutes and runs for 15 seconds
• Dust and debris are blown from the engine cooling package, oil coolers and intercooler
• The same cycle is repeated by two electrical fans to clean air-con, fuel cooler and transmission radiators

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Bigger tyres, more choice

• TH telehandlers are fitted with 460/70R24 tyres
• Wider 500/70R24 option can be specified
• Ground clearance at the lowest point under the axles is a generous 415mm
• Industrial and Hybrid tyre option are now available in 460 and 500mm sizes

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TH Plus & Elite 6x3 transmission features auto modes

• Elite models feature the new 6x3 transmission with 3 modes, Manual, Semi-auto and Full-auto
• Full-auto mode is active between gears 2 - 6 for great roading performances; Semi-auto mode operates between gears 2 - 4 to maximise productivity in yards and tight spaces
• Memory shuttle on Elite models remembers the last used forward and reverse gears when changing direction

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Full time 4WD and auto traction control

• All TH models feature full time 4WD as standard
• Front and rear limited slip differential is also standard on all models
• The differential directs up to 45% of available torque across the axle to ensure the wheel with the greatest traction always gets power

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Hydraulic wet disc brakes

• Sealed wet disc brakes on both TH axles require minimal maintenance and can handle high transport speeds
• The hydraulic trailer brake circuit is linked to the TH’s brakes to enhance safety
• The parking brake* is automatically activated at any time the engine is switched off; it can be manually engaged by shuttle lever on steering column or via a dash mounted switch

* SAHR system (Spring Applied Hydraulic Release).

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Manoeuvrability and steering modes

• Turning radius when 4WS is engaged is just 3.9m
• Transport mode permits the selection of 2WS only
• TH Elite models offer auto wheel alignment when switching between, all‑wheel, crab and front steering

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