CNH Industrial Engineering Approved

Over the past three years, CNH Industrial has invested over $10 million to provide the most demanding and rigorous tests of our products to date.
We’ve developed an entire lubricants portfolio engineered specifically for New Holland equipment.

Only our OEM lubricants are:
• Built specifically for New Holland equipment
• Tested and fully approved to meet or exceed API and CNH Industrial Material Standards (MAT)
• Only oil approved for warranties

The New Holland lubricants range was designed to deliver:
• Protection
• Performance

A new easier, efficient Portfolio

New Holland Oil is designed keeping in mind upcoming new technology and the future requirements. The range has been narrowed by integrating some products, making it easier to meet your needs.

• Engine Oil
• Coolants
• Transmission Oil
• Greases

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Enhance operational efficiency of the equipment
• Improve equipment durability
• Double protection against the equipment components’ wear
• Decrease downtime
• Increase productivity
• Foster sustainable mobility
• Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

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CNH Industrial:

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