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Genuine Parts make all the difference! CNH Industrial Genuine Parts are the only parts that fully meet the quality requirements essential for the most efficient operation of your CNH product. This is because the engineers who has designed the parts are the same people responsible for developing your machine; and they know exactly what’s right for your machine.

CNH Industrial Genuine Parts are designed for delivering high performance, long life & reliability and using these parts ensures to keep the agreed warranty of product intact, which in turn guarantees your peace of mind.

Discover the Packaging

The packaging is designed for all the 12 global brands.
The packaging has the logos of all the 12 global brands with genuine parts written in 25 global languages.

One of the key feature of the packaging is “Uniformity as a distinguishing feature”. The use of harmonized graphic elements for CNH Industrial Genuine Parts contributes to enhancing the recognizability and awareness of CNH Industrial brands.

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How to Identify Genuine Parts

The technologically advanced security features make identification of CNH Industrial Genuine Parts easier.

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Genuine Vs Non Genuine

CNH Industrial Genuine Parts
• Genuine Parts are designed to perfectly match your equipment
• Low noise & vibration levels
• Designed for consistent performance
• Maintains High performance and reliability of your CNH Product is maintained
• Superior Quality & Finish

Non Genuine Parts
• Prone to fitment issues resulting in functional instability
• Higher noise & vibration levels
• Inconsistent performance
• High failure rates
• Lower reliability
• Inferior quality & finish

CNH Industrial:

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