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Performance, Reliability and Durability. Ambra Lubricants are the only line of fluids you need for all of your equipment – legacy and new, including new generation engines and CVT transmissions. These engine oils, hydraulic/transmission oils and coolants are designed to promote maximum performance, assure longer service intervals and lower risk of equipment failure.
Keep your equipment healthy and maintain performance, reliability, and long life with genuine CNH Industrial products.

Ambra Mastergold™ Engine Oil

Mastergold Engine Oil is the only engine oil you’ll need for all of your New Holland equipment from legacy to New generation. These lubricants use premium technology to deliver a high-level of performance, reliability and long life in heavy duty operations.

• CI-4 API classification* means excellent fuel economy, shear and oxidation stability
• Maintains lubricity even with ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel.
• Best-in-class 300 hour drain intervals (15W-40)

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Ambra Supertran – Transmission Oil

Ambra Supertran is the only hydraulic / transmission oil you’ll need for most of your New Holland equipment from legacy machines to CVTs†. This updated lubricant delivers best in- class water tolerance for high-level performance. And its unique zinc-free formula combines, and improves, the features of past generations of fluids.
This allows the lubricant to cover a wide range of applications as a simple, single-fluid solution.

• Industry’s highest level of water tolerance prevents additive fall-out
• Superior load carrying capability
• Protects against corrosion and gear surface pitting
• Maximizes the efficiency and life of all your machines
• Zinc-free formula additives prevent corrosion against the transmission’s soft metals

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Heavy-Duty Coolant / Antifreeze

Emissions requirements may continue to be held to more and more strict standards, but efficient New Holland engines continue to be ahead of the game with SCR-only technology. New Generation Final emissions require higher combustion temperatures and cylinder pressures.
That’s why New Holland has developed coolant that resists deposit build up and other issues that can occur in extreme conditions. Actifull OT Extended-Life coolant provides superior protection to all engines whether legacy or the latest EPA regulated.

• Organic additive technology (OAT)
• Extended-life coolant with oat additives
• Still uses ethylene glycol base
• Superior protection

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