CNH Industrial Genuine Filters keep your engine running longer, stronger and cleaner. Our filters meet the technical specifications and requirements of your machine.

Optimal filtration performance is guaranteed by using the latest technologies (cellulose, synthetic or inorganic micro-fiberglass) to capture dust particles, mould spores, pollen and other contaminants, which are sources of accelerated wear of your engine and its components.

Why should you regularly change your filters?
Engine performance can be significantly reduced by the intake of contaminants and or filter blockages. Engines have evolved over the years becoming more efficient and creating more power with a corresponding expectations of higher fluid cleanliness and filtration levels. Genuine filters have been designed to Stop and Hold contaminants and be effective between service intervals.
*Please refer your service manual to know the filter change interval

Air Filter

The function of an Air Filter is to clean the air as it passes through the filter element or filtering media and eliminate dirt particles that can enter through the air intake system. This prevents abrasive contaminants in the air from damaging the engine parts.

Superior Construction:
• It is specially designed for your CNH machine with highest precision to meet the requirement of engine filtration.

Cellulose Filter Media Technology:
• It uses cellulose filter media technology, which is a nano fibre filter media used to eliminate dirt & dust particles that can enter through the air intake system.

High Efficiency and Durability:
• Wear protection for engine durability
• Reduced fuel consumption and optimal use of engine power

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Hydraulic Filter

The primary function of a Hydraulic Filter is to trap all the particles that have an abrasive effect on the components of the hydraulic system such as the pump, control valves, cylinders and hydraulic motor.

Next, the filter must be able to store all the particles accumulated until the next oil change. There are two types of particles: Wear Residue and Dust.

CNH Industrial Genuine Hydraulic filter has following advantages:
• Higher retention capacity for a longer service life
• Finer filtration offering better protection
• Minimal pressure drop for better performance*

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Fuel Filter

Few things will impact your productivity faster than a low-quality fuel filter. With extremely high injection pressures and tight tolerances of today’s low emission engines, it doesn’t take much dirt to clog a fuel system.

CNH Industrial Genuine Filters have been designed with:
• Durable MicroLoc™ - proprietary media delivering high efficiency filtration in the toughest environment
• Higher efficiency without lost capacity
• Injector and fuel pump protection
• Patented self-venting drain valve on fuel/water separators to dramatically improve removal of both free and emulsified water

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