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New Holland Agriculture delivers its powerful FR500 Forage Harvester in Andhra Pradesh

​New Holland Agriculture, a leading global agriculture equipment brand, delivered a FR500 Forage Cruiser model from its self-propelled forage harvesters to NS Forage Solutions Private Limited. With its cutting-edge technology for fodder processing, this machine will be used to make corn silage at Village Chinakondepudi, Senthanagaram, East Godhavari District in Andhra Pradesh.

The delivery event and machine demonstration of the Forage Harvester was held In Senthanagaram and attended by more than 50 farmers and senior representatives of New Holland.

Mr. Mangala Ramanjaneyulu, New Holland Regional Sales Manager in Andhra Pradesh, said: “Since their introduction in India in 2016, New Holland’s FR forage harvesters have earned a great reputation for high quality harvesting among our customers. Efficient mechanized forage harvesting is the need of the hour to provide the best quality silage to the cattle in our country. The FR500 offers industry-leading chop quality and consistency with unsurpassed throughput”.

The self-propelled FR500 forage harvester is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient 500 HP engine, 4.5-meter-wide row-independent header, 4-wheel drive, automatic knife grinding and shear bar adjustment. It can cut, chop and unload the chopped crop in to a trailer at the same time, thus preparing fresh, ready-to-be-fed fodder for the livestock. It is also equipped with a specialized AC cabin with 324-degree view and a patented Vari-Flow System™ which helps make this harvester highly fuel efficient by enabling operators to alter the location of the blower according to the crop being harvested. This system makes it easy to change the gap between the shredding roller and the fan, enabling free switching between harvesting of the silage corn and harvesting of the pasture. When making the switch, the gap between the shredder roller and the fan is reduced by 60% and the material blown by the fan is easy to collect. Versatile designed FR500 works with many crops such as maize, alfalfa, barley, millet, grass, canola, etc., making it a true multi-crop forage harvester.

The FR 500 Forage Cruiser brings an opportunity and means for the dairy farmers to get their forage crops harvested in a short time-span and enable them to grow fodder as a crop for their livestock. These high capacity harvesters can harvest up to 40-50 acres of maize crop in a day, thereby creating opportunities for Forage Banking through silage making for commercial-scale fodder preservation.

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