3630 TX PLUS+

3630 TX PLUS+

Main features

55 HP Powerful & Fuel Efficient Engine
More Power, Lesser Diesel, Consumption & More Savings

12+3 UG Speed
Low-Medium-High Range Gear, Usable in Rotavator, Trailer, Harvester & Dozer

High Precision Hydraulics
With 24 Sensing Points, Superb Quality, More Productivity & More profit

Heavy Duty Chassis
Champion in Trailer (Haulage) and Loader Best Quality Cast lron

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Other features

• High Speed additional PTO
• High Lift Capacity Actuated ram
• Hydraulically Control Valve
• SkyWatch™
• ROPS and Canopy
• Adjustable Front Axle
• 12 + 3 Creeper Speeds

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• Rotary FIP
• Paddy Sealing*
• Sky Watch*
• Upto 2 Remote Valves*
• Tow hook bracket
• Fibre Fuel Tank
• Dual Spin-on Filters

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