EXCEL 8010

The Futuristic Tractor: Road to Progress




Excellent Styling:
• Cat eye styling
This hallmark cat eye lights effectively illuminate even the darkest place, and at the same time looks great!
• Full round fenders
New Stylish fenders  are designed to" fend Off " splatter of  mud

Excellent Comfort:
• Flat Deck for operator comfort with Suspended type pedals & Deluxe seats
Designed to provide maximum operator comfort with spacious leg room and easy entry/exit
• ROPS & Canopy*
During rainy or sunny days comfortable for operator to work, with Roll over safety to operator

Excellent Technology:
• Power Shuttle*
Perform easily forward and reverse operations with single shuttle gear lever without taking operator's  hand off the steering wheel
• Hydraulic actuated Oil immersed disc brakes Increased braking efficiency, reliable braking
• Multi Speed PTO - 540/1000 with GSPTO* or 540/Reverse PTO*
More PTO options, suitable for all types of application

Excellent productivity:
• 80 HP Powerful & Fuel Efficient Engine with intercooler
More Power, Lesser Diesel, Consumption & More Savings
• 20 Forward  + 20 reverse speeds (creeper*) with Full Synchromesh shuttle
Low-Medium-High Range Gear with shuttle, best suitable for every application
• 2000/2500* Kg High Lift Capacity
More load handling capacity and better efficiency

Other features:
• Tilt able steering
• Robust & Heavy duty chassis with front and rear ballast
• 90 Litres fuel tank
• Remote Valve*
• High speed PTO
• 4 WD*


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• Rotary FIP
• Sky Watch
• Flat deck platform
• Floor Mat
• Tiltable Steering*
• Super Deluxe Seat
• ROPS with Canopy*
• Front & Rear Weights*
• Upto 3 Remote Valves*
• Hydraulic pump 54 & 60 LPM*
• Swinging Drawbar*
• 110 Ah battery & 90 Amp alternator*

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