New Holland Original filters keep your engine running longer, stronger and cleaner. Our air and fluid filters meet the technical specifications and requirements of your tractor and harvest parts machines.

Optimal filtration performance is guaranteed by using the latest appropriate technologies (cellulose, synthetic or inorganic micro-fiberglass), to capture dust particles, mould spores, pollen and other contaminants, which are sources of accelerated wear of your engine and its components.

Before being selected, all filters are rigorously tested in normal and extreme conditions. Ask for New Holland Original Parts. You will improve the protection and the performance of your machine, extend component life and reduce operating costs!

Why should you regularly change your air and fluid filters?

Engine performance can be significantly reduced by the intake of contaminants and or filter blockages. Engines have evolved over the years becoming more efficient and creating more power, however, the need for higher quality fluids has also risen. Genuine filters have been designed to contain different mechanics to Stop and Hold contaminants and be effective between service intervals.

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Where do the contaminants come from?

• Storage facilities - fluids (oil, fuel, and coolants) are manufactured to high standards which allow the liquid to become pure, however throughout transport and handling contaminants arise. Contaminants can range from moisture and solids to microbial growth.
• Associated production line residue - when a machine is built/repaired, filings burrs and/or other foreign material may remain on the internal areas of the engine which can potentially arrive in the fluid causing contamination and abrasive wear.
• Creation of by-products – created from the oxidation of fluids through the influence of extreme thermal temperature which enter lubricants.
• Wear and tear - throughout the use of your machine rubbers and elastomers degraded from the influence of temperature, time and high-velocity fluid streams.
• Biodiesel - derived from organic material which is highly prone to microbial growth.
• External environments - breathers/air intakes are exposed to the external environment giving an area that is highly susceptible to airborne material.

If you have any questions about New Holland Original Air and Fluid Filters, contact a member of the New Holland dealer network .

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Cabin Air Filters

Agricultural and construction machines are exposed to a range of environments containing large amounts of dust, fungal spores, pollen and other allergens. All of these affect cabin air quality and breathing whilst operating the machine. The cabin air filter is your first line of defence.

Improve the air you breath by the replacing your cabin air filter with a genuine New Holland air filter. A cabin air filter absorbs odours and harmful fumes while capturing dust, pollen and other allergens. The filters are easy to install and move with no modification to existing housing and no mess since carbon is bonded to the filter media.

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Engine Air Filters

When you think of looking after the inputs for machines, fuel and oil quality is always regarded. However, air intake is just as important.

Why Original New Holland Air filters?

  • PowerCoreTM can hold 140% more dirt than conventional cellulose air filter
  • Pleatloc® for improved life
  • Advanced Radialseal® leak free seal for tough conditions
  • Improved contamination encapsulation – dust and dirt will not dislodge during service

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Hydraulic filters

Fluids are essential for machine operation. The hydraulic is a core system in a machine. Hydraulic oils allow movement, however needs to be highly reliable in operation. New Holland hydraulic filter advantage:

  • Dirt loading test 48% more dirt holding capacity
  • High viscosity pressure drop, 25% less restriction
  • Media rupture test, 26% stronger

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Fuel Filters

Few things will impact your productivity faster than a low-quality fuel filter. With extremely high injection pressures and tight tolerances of today’s low emission engines, it doesn’t take much dirt to clog a fuel system.

New Holland Filters have been designed with:

  • Durable MicroLocTM - proprietary media delivering high efficiency filtration in the toughest environment
  • Higher efficiency without lost capacity
  • Injector and fuel pump protection
  • Patented self-venting drain valve on fuel/water separators to dramatically improve removal of both free and emulsified water

Contact a member of the New Holland dealer network  today for more information.



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