​​Technology evolves quickly and New Holland is proud to be part of the revolution. New Holland has always been a pioneer in the field of alternative fuels and growing energy and it was the first agricultural equipment brand to support the full potential of biofuels in agriculture, furthermore we are poised to become an even stronger player in the future.

Today, the majority of our engines are compatible with different grades of biofuel, ranging from 100% compatibility through to B5 for the cleanest more efficient Tier 4B engines. In reality this means that famers can run their tractors on fuel they have produced on the farm themselves. If we go back to the beginning of biodiesel, New Holland has always blazed a trail. The TM extreme endurance challenge in Europe saw a TM tractor work non-stop for 500 hours running on 100% biodiesel back in 2006, almost a decade ago. We also worked with Penn State University and put a 100% biodiesel tractor work on their research farm and saw that after two years, the tractor was still working perfectly.​


If you would like to grow your own energy then New Holland can help as well. New Holland combines efficiently harvest oil seed rape, which can be turned into biodiesel, so you are effectively harvesting the fuel, which could be used to power your combine. The rape seeds are pressed to produce biodiesel, which can be used either in pure form, B100, or blended with conventional diesel to produce a biodiesel blend. A vast choice of tractors, planters and sprayers all compliment this energy harvest.

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