Imperfection builds character


One of the hardest things I have found when juggling working as a vet and a farmer is the weekends on call.

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Farmyard fumbles: A tale from a tiny farmer


Every week, we host a farm meeting bringing together our 9 team members across the three farming properties.

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Not all things Blue are created equal


We have many things blue on this farm: tractors, 200L drums, more tractors and most importantly, a dog named Blu.

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Farmers reframing how they attract young people to the industry


Picture this: you are young and enthusiastic, you are passionate about agriculture, and so naturally, you find yourself drawn to a job in the dairy industry. ​​

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Wasn't there meant to be a drought this year?


Wasn't there meant to be a drought this year? Well, that's what we were all told, and that's what we all planned for!

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School Ag Day: where the inspiration starts and why it’s important it remains a part of students’ education


As a child growing up, School Agricultural days, commonly known as Calf Club days, were always the highlight of my year. ​

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Resilience of ag sector underpinned by strength of its communities


The best thing about being part of the rural sector is the sense of community you feel when you are a part of it.

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Juggling so many different roles proves both a challenge and a privilege


I feel very lucky that farming and ‘mum’ life complement each other quite nicely – at certain times.

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New Holland brand ambassador role a chance to promote value of ag and opportunities for secure, thriving future


​​As we start preparing for the end of another year, I can say 2023 was certainly a big one for myself and my family. ​

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