Big rollers for a sure start and minimal loss

Fixed chamber Roll Baler 125 models are built tough to handle heavy bales. The rigid bale chamber is fitted with 18 cold formed rolls. These are 200mm in diameter and now have a new surface profile. This further improves full crop contact for a positive start to the baling process but is matched to close roller to roller clearance to minimise crop losses. Performance in difficult conditions is improved ensuring dense, consistently shaped bales are produced.

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Heavy rolls for longevity

Produced from 3.5mm thick steel with a seam-free surface to protect net wrap or film, each cold formed roll features heavy duty sleeve bearings and automatic lubrication for maximum durability.

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Even bales from uneven swaths

IntelliView™ IV monitor uses a simple graphic to indicate if it is necessary to feed the swath to the left or right. It is now even easier to form a uniform bale.

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Long life bearings

• Each chamber roller runs on easily renewed sleeve bearings automatically lubricated using the same Lincoln system proven on New Holland BigBalers
• With a service life that should exceed tens of thousands of bales, the roller bearings are tolerant of bale treatment additives to include inoculant and acids

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A chain dedicated to suit its job

• Separate chains drive the front and the rear of the bale chamber, with the pick-up and feed rotor both having dedicated drive chains
• Each chain has an increased duty strength to increase their service life by 3 to 4 times

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Dense bales make better haylage and silage

• The high strength of the bale chamber and the crop hugging profile of the rollers means more material can be packed into the balers to produce a really tight and dense fill
• When producing silage or haylage, a tight bale helps exclude oxygen and promote the anaerobic fermentation

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In cab density setting for hay, straw and silage

• Operators can set bale density from the comfort of the cab, via the IntelliView™ IV monitor
• Choose the swath conditions to be baled, and the density is then set accordingly, as this influences the pressure at which the ‘bale finished alert’ is triggered
• Incremental adjustments can be made using the plus & minus buttons on screen
• The system can be periodically fine tuned by adjusting a spring connected to the chamber door latch

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