A secure bale with net or film

New Holland has asked customers how they operate their balers and use the bales they produce. This has resulted in the Roll Baler 125 and Roll Baler 125 Combi featuring different net / film wrap systems.

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New net wrap system delivers:

• 20% increase in wrap speed
• Net spread to full bale width
• Reduced losses
• Edge to edge coverage
• Improved weather sealing
• Better resistance to rough and repeated bale handling
• Carry two spare rolls of net
• Fitting new roll faster and easier

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New Duckbill net wrap system Roll Baler 125 single

Borrowed from the Roll-Belt™ balers, the Roll Baler 125 single models have a new, net only, Duckbill wrapping system that actively feeds net into the bale chamber to ensure dependable and fast over the edge wrapping in all operating conditions. The net is spread evenly across the width of the bale, with wrap speeds increasing by up to 20% when compared to the outgoing models.

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Net or film wrap on Roll Baler 125 Combi

Unique to New Holland, the latest film wrap on Combi models has positive hydraulic feed. This can be set to pre-stretch the film, and combined with the bundle arm system, a tight, secure and reliable film wrapping process is ensured at all times. Gap closure plates prevent plastic wrap catching in the chamber rollers, a hinged knife preventing any film catching the feed rotor. Operators can switch to net wrap if required, with Roll Baler Combi models now able to accommodate 1400mm rolls, ensuring the versatility of the baler is not compromised.

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Advantages of wrapping with film

• Pre-stretched film keeps the bale tight as it leaves the chamber
• A perfect shape, bale after bale
• Film seals better than net
• Greatly reduced spoilage compared to net wrapped bales
• Same material for wrapping and sealing
• Fewer layers of wrap are required
• Ease of unwrapping
• Recycle just film, no separation required
• Proven improvement of forage quality
• Easier transport and storage

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