Up to 20% faster

The new Roll Baler 125 Combi takes the well-proven in-line wrap system of predecessor models but adds new features for improved performance and dependability. As before, operators can choose between 500mm or 750mm film, but now the speed of the twin satellite arms has increased by 20%. This means:

• Faster wrapping
• Apply more layers with no impact on productivity
• Automatically match number of layers selected to turntable speed
• Extra bale rotation to secure the cut end of film
• Easier loading of new film rolls
• Spare wrap capacity of 10 rolls
• Fully covered wrap storage boxes
• Fold down pillars ease loading spare rolls
• Roll storage boxes open out for better service access

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Improved bale discharge

• As an option, bales exiting the wrapper can be rotated through 90 degrees
• The bale tilt arm is now fitted with a wheel in place of a skid with easy height adjustment
• End on bale placement is now more reliable, even in hilly conditions

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Increased haylage and silage quality

Repeated studies have proven that a haylage or silage bale that is wrapped quickly will produce better quality forage with a reduced likelihood of spoilage. Bales that are wrapped are also less likely to suffer if left in the field for an extended period prior to collection and removal to their storage location.

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A more efficient baling system

In-line baling and wrapping has proven advantages:
• Saves on labour and equipment
• Bales wrapped quickly produce better quality forage
• Reduced likelihood of spoilage
• All bales wrapped when baling is finished

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One control does it all

• IntelliView™ IV monitor simplifies the operation of the baler and wrapper
• The whole combination can also be operated via the controls of an ISOBUS compatible tractor

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Built for tough baling

Heavy grass swaths, difficult terrain and less than favourable weather. These are the realities faced by many livestock farmers and contractors. Roll Baler 125 Combi models have been developed to deliver high performance in these conditions. Tough, easy to operate and economical to run. Typical New Holland.

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