T6 - TIER 4B


Three levels of factory-fitted accuracy

When ordering your T6, you can choose between three guidance packages. This means that your new T6 will arrive direct from the factory with the exact accuracy level you require. Choose your accuracy level right down to the most precise 1.5cm option. A must for high value vegetable or bulb farming.

* Using RTK correction signal

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Levels of accuracy and repeatability

New Holland offer multiple levels of accuracy. This enables you to select the right IntelliSteer® system to match your needs and budget. When using RTK correction with IntelliSteer you can enjoy guaranteed year on year repeatability.

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NH 372 receivers

The NH 372 receiver is capable of working with WAAS, EGNOS, OmniSTAR, RTX and RTK correction signals utilizing both the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations. For RTK applications an integrated radio receiver can be located inside the receiver, or a cellular modem can be used.

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Advanced IntelliRate™ Control System

The T6 can be specified with the optional IntelliRate™ Control system. It is operated from the comfort of the cab and uses the IntelliView™ monitor to fine tune inputs and manage section and rate control of sprayers and seeding equipment. This prevents overlaps, controls dosing and seed rates depending on yield data and eliminates gaps; this will optimise inputs to maximise outputs.

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IntelliView™ IV - visible intelligence

The ultra-widescreen 26.4cm IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor can be used to manage the optional IntelliSteer® autoguidance system. The IntelliView™ monitors enable fingertip programming of a variety of guidance paths, from straight A-B runs to the most complex adaptive curves. You can personalize your settings simply and easily and also transfer data using PLM Connect File Transfer and PLM desktop software packages.

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Two way communication

The T6 Auto Command range is available with ISOBUS III technology. This means the tractor and implement can communicate with each other, relaying information back and forth, resulting in the implement controlling the speed of the tractor to achieve maximum productivity.

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Telematics: manage your machine from the comfort of your office

PLM® Connect enables you to connect to your T6 from the comfort of your office through the utilization of the mobile network. You can stay in touch with your machines at all times, and you can even send and receive real-time information that saves time and enhances productivity. The entry-level PLM® Connect Essential package offers the most frequently used features or upgrade to the PLM® Connect Professional package for full machine monitoring and control. In short, PLM® Connect will help you to reduce your fuel bills and improve fleet management and security in one simple package.

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