Integrated Steering: IntelliSteer™

Fully Integrated New Holland Autoguidance

Integrated Steering: IntelliSteer™​


IntelliSteer is a fully integrated New Holland designed and developed Automatic Steering System. It is the ultimate guidance solution which offers complete machine direction control at the touch of a button. Uses a single integrated display with the IntelliView™ IV or IntelliView™ 12 for machine functions, auto guidance, mapping and implement control. The solution includes Terrain Compensation technology to calculate and correct the roll, pitch and yaw of the machine to help minimize skips and overlaps in areas with rolling terrain and rough ground.

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Factory Fit or Retrofit Availability:

Available from the factory or as a retrofit package, the IntelliSteer™ system maximizes productivity and efficiency to optimize your yields and to increase your profits. IntelliSteer is available with integrated factory installed IntelliSteer™ auto guidance on almost all New Holland Vehicles.

Alternatively, the IntelliSteer™ All-Makes is a system that can be integrated into most brands and models of equipment and provides a flexible solution for customers operating a mixed fleet.

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IntelliTurn - Automatic End-of-Row-Turn feature:

IntelliTurn is an optional upgrade to the IntelliSteer system and improves machine efficiency by automatically plotting & executing the most efficient turn path to minimize “out of work” time during an end-of-row-turn.

• IntelliTurn facilitates an Automatic End-of-Row-Turn feature for vehicles equipped with an IntelliSteer system.
• Simple, user friendly auto turn feature that is easy to operate and further increases productivity for our New Holland customers.
• A new configuration option is available on T5, T6 & T7 Tractors that triggers the start of the HTS II (Headland Turn Sequence) function based on the distance from the Headland or Field Boundary when used in conjunction with the IntelliTurn function.

You can use IntelliTurn with any sprayer, tractor, CX or CR flagship combine or windrower that uses IntelliSteer™ autoguidance. Contact your dealer to activate the IntelliTurn™ feature on your display.

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Competitive Line Compatibility Feature:

New Holland's Open PLM Strategy: Competitive line import feature allows the IntelliView IV display to import select John Deere straight A/B guidance lines from their displays without the need for desktop software. Users of select John Deere guidance systems can now seamlessly share their straight AB lines with an IntelliSteer system by using this import feature. This new functionality gives customers running mixed fleets additional flexibility and data compatibility across their fleet.

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