NH 372 Receiver


New Holland offers a range of intuitive autoguidance solutions to meet your needs, from entry-level manual guidance, via assisted guidance right through to top of the range fully integrated autoguidance which effectively manages the machine for you. These solutions can be matched to a range of correction signals, from sub 45cm right down to sub 2.5cm absolute accuracy depending on your needs. You might be thinking what about my implement? Well, New Holland offers solutions for its entire range of tractor, harvesting, and crop management equipment, including all implements, meaning you can choose the right tool for your operation.

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New Holland offers a wide range of receivers and antennas so that you can select the model which perfectly matches your guidance needs. From top of the range models with full IntelliSteer™ compatibility to the entry level option, which enables you to create simple yield maps, you’ll find the right solution. From base stations which transmit RTK signals, to the Modem which receives RTK VRS correction signals and advanced terrain compensation technology, you’ve got guidance covered on your farm.

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This top of the range receiver is compatible with RTK Radio Transmission, RTK VRS and GLONASS standard correction signals to guarantee year round, and season after season productivity and accuracy. Its slim profile makes it perfect for all machines.

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