T6000 engines deliver outstanding power with less fuel, lower emissions.

You encounter tough conditions every day, and T6000 tractor engines are up to the challenge. Turbocharged four-cylinder engines on the T6010, T6020, T6040 and T6060 and six-cylinder engines on the T6030, T6050, T6070 and T6080 provide dependable, quiet power day in and day out. With up to 47% torque reserve on tap (depending on model), these engines will respond when terrain, soil or crop conditions get really tough.

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Reliable design

These time-proven engines feature a durable, computer-designed, parent-bore cylinder block for extended life. The contoured block design features a contoured outer surface for increased structural strength. Air-to-air intercooling (all models except the T6010) improves performance, while a five-blade viscous fan maintains temperature, reduces noise, lowers horsepower consumption, and saves fuel.

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Fuel efficient, too

Delta and Plus models feature a mechanically governed rotary fuel injection pump with two valves per cylinder that provides simple yet responsive control. On Elite models, a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) electronic power management system delivers superb fuel efficiency, fast response, low noise and low emissions.

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Horsepower that grows

The electronic fuel management system on Elite models saves fuel, ensures fast response and a Power Boost for up to 25 horsepower during PTO and transport applications. Power Boost compensates for driveline power loss, helping maintain your speed on hilly terrain and roads so you can maintain peak performance. Another advantage of electronic power management is the convenience of a Constant RPM system, or “cruise” control. Where precise engine speed is essential to optimum performance, the Constant RPM system lets you program two engine RPM settings and toggle between them as needed to streamline field work like baling.

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