A basic air delivery system consists of an air cart, a series of hoses called an air distribution system and a seeding tool. The air cart directs the right amount of air and product into the distribution system, which in turn carries product to the seeding tool.
Because different farmers have different needs, Flexi-Coil allows you to place up to three separate distribution systems on the seeding tool. With one system you can single-shoot. With two, you can single- or double-shoot. And with three systems, you can single-, double- or triple-shoot.

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Precision agriculture is becoming ever more important to farmers who want to get the most from their land. Flexi-Coil is leading the way with a whole range of innovations to help you seed and fertilise where you need to and how you need to. All variable rate Flexi-Coil air carts have the ability to run prescription maps to automatically control seed and fertiliser applications. Ensuring seed and fertiliser are placed at the right rates and correct depth means your crop has the best possible chance right from the start. Flexi-Coil gives you a wide range of capabilities for precision farming.
With our variable rate metering systems you can set and monitor application rates precisely, from the comfort of the tractor seat, while our air carts accurately distribute fertiliser and seed at varying rates. And our FlexControl electronics make it easier to manage the control of your air cart. The ability to run prescription maps to automatically control seed and fertiliser applications comes standard on the new FlexControl III and with the addition of a Task Controller for the Flexcontrol II electronics. The Flexi-Coil air cart is designed to grow with you as you add to your rotation.

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Flexi-Coil offers three series of air carts – the 40 Series, the 50 Series (these two series are only available as stock) and the “brand new” 60 Series – to suit your needs. All of our air carts are designed for ease of use, safety, versatility and fast filling and emptying.

Our 40 Series air carts bring you easy operation, convenient in-cab control with FlexControl and a variety of tank sizes to suit your needs. You can choose tow-behind or tow between configurations; variable rate metering lets you set product rates from the tractor seat. The attached auger is easy to operate and allows one person to quickly fill or empty the air cart, while the 40 Series stairway and platform provide easy access to the tank lids.

Our 50 Series air carts are designed for growers who need large capacity and diverse metering capabilities. Like the 40 Series, they include FlexControl electronics and easy filling and emptying with a large capacity auger. Two or three integrated tanks let you apply several products separately, blend on-the-go or use full capacity with a single product. You can control the air flow to each meter for fine-tuned product delivery. The 50 Series air cart is available with variable rate metering or mechanical drive.

Our 60 Series are designed for big acreages. Capacity varies from 350 up to 950 bushels ( from 12334 to 33477 litres). They have only a hydraulic-electrical drive ( no more mechanical drive). Each primary run is fed by an individual electrical motor, so each primary run can be individually switched on or off from the cab of the tractor. Therefore, the operator has a fully section control in order to avoid overlaps. Section control is manually managed as a standard, through the FlexControl board computer. As an option, it is possible to link the display with GPS and optional controller to get a fully automatic section control. The 60 Series air carts have up to 4 bins, and it is possible to mix different products for single or double shoot operations. Bins are pressurized for precise seed metering. Augers or conveyers allow for quick refill.

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Flexi-Coil’s ST820 cultivator combines solid construction, durability and flexibility with incredible accuracy and depth control. Its modular design allows for expanding widths, with three-section and five-section base models offering working widths between 7.6 to 18.9m.
A flexible frame and floating hitch allow the ST820 to provide exceptional contourfollowing capability – you can closely follow the rise and fall of the ground for consistent depth accuracy and heavyweight construction helps it penetrate the hardest soil.
Take advantage of the ST820’s land-following precision by attaching an air cart for seeding and fertilising.
The ST820 has an 81 cm (32 inch) high clearance frame height and careful placement of wheels to the rear of the frame to allow heavy residue to flow through without plugging. The convenient depth setting combined with single cylinder depth control and parallel lift give the ST820 precision in tough conditions.

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Flexi-Coil’s air drills are adjustable, flexible and efficient. The 5000HD and 5500 air drills give you multiple bar configurations for adaptable row spacing, four-row tynes, and rubber and steel packing systems that improve the ride and apply less packing pressure in heavy, sticky soil conditions. And of course, they provide great depth control and placement accuracy. Single point depth setting makes it easy to set exact, repeatable seed depth in every field.

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