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Front Linkage:

  • Integrated Design : Through the front linkage system, the front linkage becomes an integral part of the tractor.
  • Solid construction : Manufactured from high-quality components and materials.
  • Complete range with various lift capacities.
  • Easy mounting system.

Front PTO:

  • Custom made for all tractors.
  • ECON-system with a 60 degree free turn to make the coupling of the implement easy.
  • High power output with oil cooler for optimum temperature control (6 cylinder models).
  • An adjustable proportional engagement system that guarantees a long life for implements.
  • Easy maintenance, making the replacement of a V-belt simple.


The following accessories are available:

  • Accumulator
  • Front double acting service lines
  • Front weights
  • Weight Carrier
  • Chain support
  • Light Kit
  • EFC (Electronic Frontlift Control)
  • Position Limiting Kit
  • Lowering speed adjustment kit
  • Implement "A" frame

For the following New Holland models Zuidberg has a front linkage and PTO in the program:
NH TC-D et TC-DA / NH BOOMER 3000/ NH TC-E / NH T3000/ NH TN-N et TN-NA Super steer/ NH T4000N Super steer/ NH TN-F et TN-FA Supersteer/ NH T4000F Super steer/ NH TN-S et TN-SA Supersteer/ NH TN-D et TN-DA/ NH TD4000F/ NH TD5000 / NH TL et TL-A/ NH T5000/ NH TS / NH TSA Standard steer et Super steer/ NH T6000 Standard steer et Super steer/ NH M-60 series/ NH TM Standard steer et Super steer / NH T7000 Standard steer (OEM or DIA-kit)/ NH T7000 Super steer/ NH TVT/ NH T7500/ NH TG / NH T8000/ NH LM TELEHANDLER.

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