​​​New Holland’s history is one of continuous innovation, pioneering firsts and education to make agriculture easier and more productive for the world’s farmers, wherever and whatever they farm. Abe Zimmerman’s very first corn grinder removed the drudgery from this laborious task. Henry Ford and Giovanni Agnelli are the true founding fathers of global agricultural mechanization, and Leaon Claeys mechanized the harvesting process. Today, mechanised harvesting can reduce waste by up 15 times when compared to traditional, manual harvesting techniques. New Holland has been responsible for freeing millions of agricultural labourers from the back braking toil of tilling, sowing, cultivating and reaping by hand, and in the process contributed to massive gains in terms of productivity, efficiency and skilling up the workforce.​


​​New Holland is dedicated to increasingly mechanizing the world's harvest with significant benefits. Losses can be reduced from 15%, typical of manual harvesting, to a mere 3% when using state-of-the-art machines. In real terms, that mean more valuable grain is harvested to feed the world's ever growing population.

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​In order for local people to unlock the full potential of their New Holland machines they need on-the ground training. New Holland has undertaken an extensive grass-roots training programme, which covers both operator and service training in emerging countries to provide local people with the skills they require to operate and maintain their equipment in tip top condition.

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