To commemorate the impressive landmark of 50 years of uninterrupted tractor production at Basildon, a special 50th anniversary Golden Jubilee edition of the T6.160 and T7.270 Auto Command™ Golden Jubilee models will be produced. These eye-catching machines will feature metallic Profondo Blue paint, a rich midnight blue shade, and gold insignia together with a dedicated Basildon 50 years logo. Step inside to appreciate the luxurious carpet embellished with the commemorative logo, and appreciate the full leather steering wheel. Gold coloured grilles and exhaust guard complete these very special tractors.

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your professional farming partner.

New Holland’s multi-award winning T7.270 Auto Command™ Golden Jubilee is an icon of farming excellence. This is the go-to machine for large scale arable farmers and professional contracting operations that are looking for outstanding power and stability in heavy draft applications together with high performance road transport. This state-of-the-art tractor is packed with advanced technology to improve farming efficiency. Comfortable operation is assured thanks to the Horizon™ Cab, Comfort Ride™ Cab suspension and Terraglide™ front axle suspension, together with the luxurious interior befitting such a model. The T7.270 Auto Command™ Golden Jubilee. The embodiment of professional farming.

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Award-winning Auto Command™ transmission technology.

The T7.270 Auto Command™ Golden Jubilee features continuously variable transmission technology, which benefits from four direct drive points of 100% mechanical efficiency. These points have been precision engineered to ensure that they perfectly match the most frequently used speeds during heavy draft work, secondary cultivation activities, high speed in-field work, such as baling or mowing, and high speed transport activities. Advanced double clutch control further enhances efficiency. Quite simply, it is the smoothest and most productive CVT around.

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ECOBlue™ SCR technology. Powerfully efficient performance.

The 6.7 litre Tier 4A compliant ECOBlue™ SCR Nef engine develops up to 269 maximum engine power management horsepower and sky-high torque of 1160Nm at 1500rpm. This is thanks to efficient ECOBlue™ SCR technology: the engine breathes clean fresh air for optimal combustion. This has slashed fuel consumption by up to 10% when compared with a Tier 3 tractor whilst also reducing CO2 emissions by up to 19%. Your performance increases. Your fuel bill decreases. The environment says thanks. It’s a winner all round.

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Advanced Braking Technology.

The optional antilock braking system manages each wheel’s brakes individual to improve stopping power when transporting heavy equipment. If that wasn’t enough, the award-winning ABS SuperSteer™ system also allows the tractor to turn on a sixpence by pivoting on a controlled and slowed down rear inside wheel.

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