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As modern tractors offer increasingly sophisticated features there is a risk that they become more difficult to understand and operate. At New Holland we listened to customers and developed the SideWinder™ II armrest to make everything simpler. All key controls are accessed from the armrest. Throttle, transmission and hydraulics. Everything you need to control is quickly and easily accessible. More advanced features can be quickly accessed. It does not take long to master a T8 tractor.

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Commandgrip multifunction handle

• The soft-touch buttons feature backlight technology to make selecting controls in the dark even easier.
• Fingertip control for up to two remote valves.
• Headland Turn Sequencing (HTS). Press to record, store and activate automated headland turn.
• Optional IntelliSteer® auto-guidance, automated steering engagement.
• Rear linkage raise/lower.
• Forward reverse shuttle switch.
• Fine tune Ground Speed Management setting.
• Ultra Command full powershift gear up and gear down.
• Ground Speed Management, GSM. Transmission and engine work together to optimise performance.

Sidewinder II Functions

• Electronic remotes. Easy to reach paddles provide fingertip hydraulic operation. Flow and timing can be simply adjusted through the IntelliView™ touch screen.
• Full access to further advanced controls under the padded armrest.
• Electronic SideWinder™ II adjustment. Move the armrest to the position that suits you.
• The standard 26.4cm wide screen IntelliView™ IV monitor. You’ll enjoy fingertip adjustment of all key settings and full compatibility with the New Holland IntelliSteer® guidance system.
• Personalized positioning of the hydraulic joystick and rear linkage mouse is available as a factory-fit option. Also two additional paddles controlling hydraulic remote valves 5 and 6 can be installed instead of the hydraulic joystick.
• Multifunction joystick. The joystick can be set to operate the front linkage or remote valves.
• EDC mouse. Lift heavy mounted implements with absolute precision.
• Engage and disengage the front and rear PTO instantly.

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Control panel

• Front suspension lock-out.
• Engage Terralock and it will automatically manage four-wheel drive and differential lock selection.
• Throttle up to your desired engine speed, select Engine Speed Management, and the speed is fixed.
• Press the Headland Turn Sequencing button to record and replay the functions you use most frequently.
• Auto PTO will disengage and reengage the PTO during a headland turn.
• Three point hitch levelling and top link extension at the touch of a button.

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