Exceptional features, premium performance.

With a low centre of gravity and wider than the award winning specialised T4F/N/V series tractors, the new T4 LP machines are on a par with their “brothers” in terms of features. A choice of transmission to meet exacting customer needs. Lift-O-Matic™ system supplied as standard. Two separate pumps for the hydraulic circuit and steering. Up to 4 remote valves. Servo-assisted PTO with up to 3 speeds. T4 LP tractors make a versatile small tractor choice. With New Holland, versatility comes as standard.

Thanks to the modular build of the new T4 LP tractors, the transmissions can be easily matched to end user needs. Advanced features include powershuttle, power clutch, park lock and creep speed options. New heavier duty clutch and stronger rear PTO driveline components are used.

Dual Command™ offers so much more
The 32x16 Dual Command™ transmission with powershuttle offers the same number of ratios as Split Command, but allows a high low push button ratio ‘split’ to be made under full load and without using the clutch. A 44x16 Dual Command transmission is available to meet specialist requirements.

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Powershuttle speed direction change

The Powershuttle is ideal where fast direction changes are a priority. To change direction, the operator can simply use the electrohydraulic column mounted shuttle lever. From neutral, the shuttle lever can also be used to smoothly feed power to the transmission without using the clutch.

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Park lock slope safety

The park lock system is available on Dual-Command tractors and ensures additional safety when parking on slopes by mechanically locking the transmission from a lever inside the cab.

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Lift-O-Matic™ Plus

Available on cab versions only, the award winning mechanical hydraulic control system allows you to raise or lower the rear linkage when making a headland turn, while still maintaining position and draft settings. By pulling or pushing the lever all the way, the implement quickly and completely raises or lowers, if the lever is released, the implement immediately stops at the height corresponding to the implement position. A gentle push or pull on the lever allows for minor adjustments.

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Compact and specialised but with large tractor features

Specialist tractors are sometimes compromised when it comes to hydraulic and PTO performance, but not with New Holland. The new T4 LP Series can now be specified with a premium hydraulic system with a powerful 82 litres per minute pump. As with all New Holland tractors, there is a separate pump for the power steering system, ensuring the pump capacity you order delivers that flow rate you need.

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Remotes to power specialist attachments

A total of three electrohydraulic remotes allow a maximum of eight outlets to be controlled via push button flow dividers. The three remotes are load sensing allowing simultaneous operation: max valve flow of 45l/min with flow control of 20-45l/min. The LCD display provides the operating details of each remote valve. Individual valves are selected and adjusted using the knob.

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Choose between 540, 540E or 1000 PTO speeds

A three-speed PTO is standard, the 540E economy speed enabling a wide range of tasks to be undertaken at a lower engine speed. On the T4.110 LP for example, redesigned PTO ratios have resulted in a 540 PTO speed achievable at 1958 engine rpm, this results in a 5% fuel saving over previous utility models. The PTO is engaged via a modulated mechanical control lever with electrohydraulic ‘push button’ system as an option. A front PTO and linkage system can also be specified.

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