Hydraulic power and PTO flexibility

The MegaFlow™ pump delivers an impressive 84 litres/minute of hydraulic flow from a single pump, so you’ve got the flow on tap to breeze through intensive hydraulic applications such as bale wrapping and hedge cutting. The new load-sensing mid-mount valves, controlled by the ergonomic joystick, make for super-fast loader cycle times which are uncompromised when steering, which remains light and precise, thanks to the dedicated 43 litre/minute services pump.

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Mechanical or electronic, the choice is yours

The T5 can be specified with up to two mid-mount remote valves to operate specialised equipment or a loader. They are controlled via the cab-mounted integrated joystick. A mechanical joystick offers robust functionality with positive engagement or select the electronic option for precise finger-tip actuation. Both versions feature integrated de clutch and up gear and down gear shift buttons.

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Accurate electronic draft control

The ergonomic EDC mouse nestles perfectly under the right hand and features acclaimed New Holland design for one-handed operation. Control linkage height and depth for uniform fields, time after time. The fast linkage raise and lower button makes returning an implement to work during a headland turn even easier and faster, speeding up cultivation for improved productivity.

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PTO: choice and soft start

A full range of PTO speeds can be selected using the ergonomic lever situated to the right of the operator. Options include 540, 540 ECO and 1000 achieved at engine speeds as low as a mere 1500rpm for reduced fuel consumption and quiet in-cab operation. A ground-speed PTO can also be specified, and it is engaged via a dedicated lever to the left of the operator.

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Soft Start and Auto PTO operation

Soft Start PTO is engaged via a dedicated switch on the Command Arc, and it helps protect both the tractor and the implement to prevent sudden shock loads. Safety has been further enhanced with the inclusion of an intentional PTO switch, which must be selected to keep the PTO engaged when leaving the operators seat. Optional Auto PTO can be selected to automatically disengage the PTO as the rear linkage is raised above a pre-set position. This protects the PTO shaft and tractor. The system will also reengage drive as the linkage is lowered.

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