Up to 427 lts per minute

T9 Series tractors are made available standard with MegaFlow hydraulic pumps, delivering a total flow to all hydraulic remotes of 427 lpm. For extremely high hydraulic demands like seeding and planting, choose the MegaFlow™ II option. A large coupler is available for applications that demand unrestricted oil flow.

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Save time and effort with Custom Headland Management

New Holland has refined and developed Custom Headland Management for easier setup and use. For complex applications, including operating the very widest tillage equipment, Custom Headland Management truly does reduce fatigue and help remove the repetition from your day so you can concentrate on what’s really important. Use Custom Headland Management to manage some operations but leave others to manual control — the choice is up to you. Set up is simply a case of recording the desired operations at the headland. These actions are then repeated, automatically, by pressing the dedicated button on the CommandGrip™ handle.

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Up to eight electronic remotes

T9 Series remote valves are easy to identify with colour-coded couplers and levers. You control all eight remotes without moving away from the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest, allowing you to identify and work each remote with exact precision. Four remote levers are on the armrest and two valves are controlled either using the two additional paddles located to the right of the IntelliView™ monitor, by using the CommandGrip™ handle or by using the electronic joystick. You can set flow, timing and detent settings to precisely match the job. Each valve can also be programmed with Custom Headland Management.

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Hydraulic remote valve management

It is now even easier to control hydraulic functions, as each hydraulic remote valve is indicated by a coloured LED paddle. The remote paddle position on the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest is completely configurable, so operators can choose which paddle operates which hydraulic remote. This makes it easier to customise usage based on application and operator preference.

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Quick and simple flow control setting

The IntelliView™ 12 touchscreen monitor makes setting flow rates to individual valves simple. Scroll through the menus and select valve control. Choose the outlet you wish to adjust, and drag the slider with your finger to the desired setting or use the front armrest encoder wheel. Job done.

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