The ultimate in farming comfort

You’ll appreciate the all-new fit and finish and automotive quality of the T9 Series cab. The ergonomic, spacious and practical environment is a must for day-long productivity.

Cab options
New Holland offers you superior comfort and seating with two different cab options.
The Deluxe Performance cab features a cloth seat with leather trim, a semi-active suspension and comfort-heating capabilities.
For a premier seating experience consider the Luxury Performance cab. Enjoy semi-active suspension and heating capabilities in this seat too, but it’s also all-leather and is equipped with a ventilation system that cools and removes moisture to keep operators comfortable and productive when spending extended hours in the tractor.

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All-day comfort

The exclusive four-point cab suspension masterfully controls front-to-back, side-to-side, and up-and-down motions to ensure that you are as comfortable after a long day’s work as you were before you started.

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Settle in and enjoy the ride

The Comfort Ride™ cab suspension is revolutionary. All four corners of the cab are suspended on spring and damper units with a sophisticated anti-sway system to ensure you get a smooth and stable ride. The Comfort Ride suspension is offered on all models.

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Intuitive climate controls

The entire air-conditioning system has been redesigned with a powerful two-zone cooling system and precisely positioned vents to ensure whole body comfort. All controls have been ergonomically relocated to the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest, making on-the-go adjustments even easier.

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Convenient and connected

We put more storage and cupholders in the newly redesigned cab than ever before to ensure maximum comfort. Technology has become part of our lives, too. You’ll always be connected with features like 26 total power charging outlets, 12V power ports and exterior camera inputs to keep your devices fully powered.

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High-quality audio

The integrated radio allows every operator to play their own MP3 music recording and receive crystal-clear radio signals. Get full access to weather radio channels, too.

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Find the right position

The steering wheel now has separate tilt and telescopic adjustment as standard, which makes it even easier for you to select a comfortable working position—invaluable when spending long hours in the field or on the road.

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LED power and performance

Lighting up the way for improved night-time productivity and total safety—it’s a key priority we achieve by bringing the latest automotive-sector innovations, like LED technology, into the farming world. For hardcore operators who work around the clock, you’re covered with our Performance Plus lighting package that provides 360-degree lighting system to turn darkness into light. As an added feature, all of our lighting packages can be configurable through the IntelliView™ 12 display to turn on or off certain light patterns.

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