Proven design, modern control

The full powershift, now even more tough

New Holland has toughened up its already proven Ultra Command™ full powershift transmission. Now with added strength and improved control, it is truly something special. It gives you the benefit of a new control system using the CommandGrip™ handle for fingertip access to “manual” push button shifts and automated Ground Speed Management. A Hi-Lo dual power is fitted to gear 16, allowing you to quickly increase maximum transport speed from 31 to 40 kph.

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GSM. Intelligent automation.

New Holland Ground Speed Management (GSM) is more than just an automated transmission shift system. Simple to set up and extremely efficient, GSM is a dependable way to reduce operator fatigue and fuel consumption to increase your overall productivity. With CVT-like functionality, it uses a combination of data relating to engine load, forward speed and operator setting, to manage both engine and transmission speeds to optimise performance and economy

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Fixed forward speed? GSM takes care of it.

When load conditions change in the field, GSM automatically maintains a fixed forward speed. Just set your desired working speed and then select the GSM function. The automated system then matches engine and transmission speeds to maintain this fixed forward speed, to deliver the perfect balance between maintaining productivity without compromising economy.

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Full command in transport

During road transport, GSM will automatically shift the transmission according to load and throttle settings. With heavy loads, GSM downshifts to assist with engine braking on steep inclines.

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