LSW Singles: Low compaction, narrow-width roading

The next generation of tyre solutions comes with Low Side Wall technology — powerful, rugged, balanced, and power hop resistance all wrapped up in a single tyre solution. While increasing the rim diameter but not increasing the tyre diameter, a lower side wall results in a tyre with more stability for heavy pulling and roading applications and high ground area contact — yielding more productive results for your operation.

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High Flotation or Row Crop Duals, Triples: Less compaction and fuel usage

Tailor your dual or triple tyres to your operation, whether it’s roading, heavy pulling or row crop applications. Highflotation duals feature an IF rating that produces a stronger tyre to carry heavy loads at lower tyre pressure. This results in less compaction and fuel usage. Row crop applications require the proper tyre to decrease compaction and maintain traction throughout the tyre’s lifetime, all to improve yields year after year.

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Low Side Wall technology: Solutions for high flotation, heavy pulling, and roading applications all in a single tyre

New Holland T9 Series tractors can now be equipped with Low Side Wall (LSW) tyres to meet the new demands of producers looking for high flotation, heavy pulling, and a narrow overall package for roading applications. LSW tyres feature the ability to maintain high load ratings at 40% lower inflation psi values, opening new productivity value to a single tyre combination. The larger rim diameter — without increasing the overall LSW tyre diameter — results in a more stable tyre for the toughest applications.

When equipped with LSW1250/35R46 singles, the overall width measures about 150 inches or 12.5 feet. This narrow roading width, in combination with a light footprint, provides a middle ground. Low Side Wall tyres design features a larger rim diameter without increasing the overall tyre diameter, providing more stability for heavy pull and roading applications. As the aspect ratio of a tyre increases so does the chance for bouncing during roading and power-hop in in-field heavy pull applications. LSW tyres eliminate those chances with a lower aspect ratio. With LSW singles, total psi on the ground is comparable to high-flotation duals on tractors with similar gross vehicle weight — but yields a nearly 20% reduction in overall tyre width.

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The Dual and Triple threat: Tire combinations to meet your row crop or high-flotation needs.

New Holland T9 Series tractors utilise the Row Crop frame on models up to the T9.560. When used in combination with VF Row Crop tyres, they maintain load carrying capacities at lower air pressure ratings — producing less compaction, less fuel consumption to promote bottom line returns. High flotation duals can also be equipped with this technology, further improving fuel consumption in heavy-pull applications. Triples distribute the overall weight of the T9 Series tractor over even more area, decreasing compaction for your specific application.

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Row Crop Frame and Row Crop Duals are perfectly matched for row-crop applications

Spring tillage, planting, post emergence side-dressing, grain carting, roading, and fall primary tillage—there is no application that the T9 Series tractor can’t handle.

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High Power Wide Frame and High Flotation Duals provide the power to where it’s needed

Heavy-pull applications call for the High Power Frame matched with highflotation tyres. Tyre designs featuring improved traction capabilities are made for these kinds of applications. Grain cart applications with VF dual tyres (Row Crop Frame shown) allow for high-speed, low-pressure inflation, which lessens soil compaction while boosting fuel economy. Through less compaction, the T9 Series tractor improves your harvest and yields the following year.

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