Setting new standards for comfort and ergonomics

The new TK4 models benefit from an optional new air suspended seat and purpose-developed platform matting to protect the operator from heat, noise and vibration. A new firewall design ensures the flow of hot air and dust from the engine bay does not reach the operator platform, enhancing driver comfort. Open field models boast ‘silent block’ isolation mounts that reduce vibration and heat reaching the operator, with the added benefit of decreasing the transmission of mechanical noise from the engine and transmission.

The only factory fitted cab on crawlers
The optional cabbed open field models further enhance operator comfort, the air conditioned cab and fully adjustable, optional air seat make long days fly by.

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SmartTrax™ rubber track system comfort

The new system greatly boost comfort. On the field as well as on the road, low vibration and noise levels make for productive working days.

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New air suspended seat

• A new air suspended seat option is available on all models offering superior comfort and isolation from vibrations
• The deluxe seat option features a tilting base to provide a level platform when working on sloping terrain
• Additional padding and a wide adjustment range ensure maximum comfort during long working days

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Modern and aggressive styling

• New signature New Holland bonnet styling brings the TK range in line with the rest of the New Holland family
• The restyle brings with it improved front and side visibility

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High comfort operating area

• The side consoles on all TK4 models feature wrap-around grab rails to enhance operator security when working on lateral slopes
• The low seating position helps reduce the center of gravity and maintain operator confidence

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Cab filters

Cabin filter in now located above the front windscreen, away from the rising dust towards the rear of the machine.

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Improved serviceability

Cab air filters, previously mounted on the two sides, have been replaced by a single front filter. The new position, less exposed to dust and dirt raised by the tracks, allows operators to work in a cleaner zone. Also the cleaning of the AC unit is much easier: thanks to the new opening roof panel designed for quick and easy access.

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