Converting engine power Into working power

The TK4 range offers easy to use performance. The open centre hydraulic system is proven and robust. The fully independent PTO has low power loss so more engine power can be transmitted to driven implements. Add high traction, and few tractors can match a TK4 for overall in-field efficiency and productivity.

Stronger swinging drawbar
• The new swinging drawbar is 7cm longer than previous models and is now engineered to take a vertical load of 600kg
• The vertical load capacity is useful in situations where weight is transferred from the implement

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Powerful hydraulics

• Dual pump open center hydraulic system is featured on all TK4 models to supply the hydraulics and the steering demand separately
• On the larger Open Field models, up to 45l/min hydraulic pump capacity is achieved
• A capable 35.5 l/min hydraulic flow is standard on Speciality models

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All-purpose remote valves

• Grouped together on the rear right side, the colour coded remote valves enable hassle free coupling
• Up to 4 rear remote valves can be specified on Speciality models
• Up to 5 rear remote valves can be specified on larger Open Field models
• A Flow Control valve can be specified on one remote for implements that require low volume oil flow
• Flow Control valve can vary the oil flow between 9 - 45 l/min

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Robust PTO

• Selectable two speed PTO is standard on all models in the TK4 range
• 540/540E speeds are available across the range
• On Open Field models, a 540/1000 speed option is available
• PTO engagement is via a robust front console mounted hand lever
• Power loss is minimal throught the low absorption PTO drive system
• A durable 280mm PTO clutch controls drive engagement

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Lift-O-Matic™ Plus system for speed and precision

• Lift-O-Matic™ Plus allows you to completely raise or lower implements while maintaining position and draft settings
• Minor draft adjustments can be made with just a push or a pull of the lever to fine tune your position.

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Improved ballasting

• A new design of front axle casting allows better front ballasting options
• Front wafer weights can be mounted on either side of the chassis rather than out front
• Up to 500kg of additional ballast can be mounted on Open Field models
• Up to 200kg of additional ballast can be mounted on Speciality models
• The compact ballast mounting design results in an improved angle of approach when ascending steep slopes
• Stronger front axle capacity means larger front mounted implements can be mounted such as pre-pruners

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