Rubber flexibility, steel durability

New Holland TK4 N, F and larger Open Field M models be specified with the exclusive SmartTrax™ rubber track system. Not to be confused with existing rubber track designs, SmartTrax™ are formed around an extremely robust steel skeleton with a spiral steel cord reinforced rubber track. Delivering outstanding traction, lateral grip and a large contact patch to minimise compaction, SmartTrax™ are also exceptionally durable, with a service life in excess of 3,000 hours.

Smooth transport
• SmartTrax™ equipped crawlers eliminate the requirement to use a separate tractor and trailer for road movements between fields
• Damage to farm tracks, yards and orchards is also reduced

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Unique track versatility

• New Holland SmartTrax™ have a unique interchangeability feature
• Depending on the requirement, the rubber track belts and be swapped for a steel track alternative
• Only 3 hours are required to change tracks from rubber to steel

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Safe on slopes

• The ‘Fishbone’ tread pattern of SmartTrax™ delivers enhanced lateral grip that is superior to conventional steel track
• A TK4 with SmartTrax™ delivers superior security in extreme terrain than a conventional steel tracked or wheeled tractor

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Tight turning

• SmartTrax™ reduce surface damage, enabling tighter turns than when running on a steel track
• Tighter turns allow shorter healdlands and easier maneuvering of trailed implements

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Superior flotation

• Crawler tractors deliver superior floatation than wheeled tractors in all conditions
• SmartTrax™ equipped TK4 models have a wide footprint to spread the weight of the tractor more evenly
• SmartTrax™ rubber tracks are available in belt widths of 300mm on Speciality models and 450mm on Open Field models

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Durable track construction

• SmartTrax™ combine spiral steel cord reinforced rubber with an exceptionally strong steel metal skeleton
• These tracks are extremely durable with a service life, subject to conditions, in excess of 3,000 hours.

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Low vibration levels

• The inherent suspension properties of SmartTrax™ significantly reduce vibration levels to under 0.5 m/s2
• TK4 crawlers surpass the ISO 2631 standard that relates to human exposure to whole-body vibration and shock

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