Safe productivity

TK4 tractors are fitted with New Holland’s patented Steering-O-Matic™ Plus system. Steering-O-Matic™ Plus is the industry-leading technology that offers significant improvements in terms of safety, increased productivity and ease of operation, as the operator can manage the hydraulic controls with their other hand. The constant mesh transmissions used on TK4 tractor models offers a choice of 8 carefully chosen forward ratios, while for low speed work, a creeper transmission is available. With unrivalled operator comfort, long days at the wheel are less tiring. New Holland, always leading the way in crawler tractor innovations.

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Single lever steering and drive control

• The optional single lever Steering-O-Matic™ Plus control system requires only the thumb and index finger to steer left and right
• Clutch engagement and direction changes are also controlled by the lever by pushing or pulling forwards or backwards
• Upper and lower hand rail supports ensure comfortable and safe operation
• One handed steering enables the drivers free hand to operate the controls
• Steering-O-Matic™ Plus design principle eliminates the need for the traditional long clutch lever to engage drive, thus de-cluttering the operator platform
• Precise and accurate turning is essential in high value crops and steep terrain

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Evenly spaced forward ratios

• TK4 standard constant mesh transmissions features 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds - Optional Creeper transmission is available across the range and increases the number of forward speeds to 16, with 8 reverse speeds
• Minimum Creeper speed is as low as 0.4 kph
• A convenient fender mounted shuttle lever is standard on the 8x8 transmission enables quick direction changes

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