Floating across the field, flying down the road

BigBalers will work in a variety of different environments, from the largest arable operations where reducing soil compaction is of prime importance, to small fields and winding country lanes that mean hassle-free transport is a must. The range boasts a wide variety of axles and tyre options which all comply with the three metre transport width restriction to suit every operation. Furthermore, turn on a sixpence manoeuvrability to complete the package.

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Ultimate stopping performance

• Both hydraulic and pneumatic braking options are available to offer powerful stopping performance

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Convenient transport

• The bale chute can be hydraulically folded to reduce the overall length of the baler to a mere 7.4 metres

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Single axle functionality

• To reduce compaction and bulldozing, the single axle option featuring large diameter tyres to spread vehicle weight, is the default choice

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Lower ground pressure

• The Auto-Steer tandem axle has been designed to reduce soil compaction and assist regrowth thanks to its large footprint, perfect for hay or forage operations
• Furthermore, the large wide tyres better absorb ground undulations, reducing vertical baler movement as well as enhancing transport comfort

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Slim hitch design

• Turning performance has been improved thanks to the sculpted body, which swoops back from the hitch to maintain tight turning for a reduced turning radius
• When turning is of prime importance, an optional Auto-Steer tandem axle can be specified

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