Flexible crop processing solutions

As no two baling operations are the same, the BigBaler offers a whole host of crop processing options with different chop lengths to suit your individual requirements. From the standard direct flow option through to the Packer Cutter and CropCutter™ variants, the BigBaler has the solution no matter what the crop, growing conditions, usage profile or conservation method used. When baling in extremely abrasive conditions, the new heavy duty rotor has been developed, ideal when baling tough crops. The rotor has an abrasive finish, which can extend its life by up to four times.

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CropCutter™ processing option

Highly efficient CropCutter™ system

• The renowned ‘W’ shape rotor pattern on the CropCutter™ system guarantees an even spread of the cutting force for a smooth cutting action and uniform chopping performance
• The design divides the power requirement equally over the two rotor halves, and ensures an equal distribution of the crop to match the width of the precompression chamber intake for uniform density
• Two chopping lengths can be selected: a medium 78mm chop, which is perfect for bedding, or a fine 39mm chop for silage, fodder and biomass applications

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Easy slide knife drawer for efficient sharpening

• The CropCutter™ knife drawer slides out for easy knife sharpening and replacement or to install knife blanks if required

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Packer Cutter processing option

Excellent chopping with the Packer Cutter

• The Packer Cutter offers the ultimate in baling flexibility
• Available on the BigBaler 870 and 890 models, three sixdouble tine packer forks efficiently transfer the crop from the MaxiSweep™ pick-up to the pre-compression chamber
• When chopping is required, six knives are available and are automatically engaged from the cab to significantly enhance the density and nutritional value of silage bales

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Standard processing option

Standard processing for direct flow

• The standard processing system features two or three cranks, with each crank having two or three fingers
• No chopping occurs, long unbroken straw or hay is fed directly into the chamber for dust free fodder or bedding, perfect for livestock and equine businesses

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