Perfectly formed, dense bales as standard

Density is king when it comes to producing big bales. Whether they are straw bales with an improved combustion profile for biomass operations, tightly packed silage bales with enhanced fermentation characteristics or simply bales that take up less space for easier storage or transport, density is at the heart of big baling excellence. The next generation best-in-class SmartFill™ II bale direction sensing system now has even greater accuracy to ensure the operator feeds the crop in an even manner, and the strong, reinforced monocoque frame, machined from reinforced steel, guarantees durability, season after season.

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Intuitive density control

The density of completed bales is continually monitored by three-sided density control. This system combines the sensor reading from the completed bales, with continual monitoring of the load on the plunger, if it changes, bale density does as well, and hydraulic pressure on the side doors and the top chamber rail are automatically adjusted to restore uniform bale production.

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High plunger speed for greater throughput

• The heavy duty gearbox has increased plunger speed by 14%, to 48 strokes per minute
• The heavy duty plunger has substantially improved throughput and enables higher ground speeds
• The plunger on Plus models is even more durable, and has been reinforced to withstand increased forces

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Industry leading pre-compression technology

• The BigBaler’s best-in-class pre-compression chamber forms a uniformly dense wad before transferring it into the bale chamber
• The stuffer fork accelerates the crop, delivering it from the rotor or feeder into the chamber, and filling it uniformly, until the required density is reached
• A trip sensor then activates the compensator stuffer which accelerates the crop into the bale chamber
• The operator sets the density via the cab-mounted IntelliView™ monitor

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Transmitting power and reliability

• The BigBaler’s gearbox has been significantly strengthened to guarantee up to a 20% capacity increase
• The large diameter, up to 800mm on the BigBaler 1290, high inertia flywheel has increased energy by up to 48% to compensate for uneven swaths so no reduction in ground speed occurs
• Furthermore, direct drive technology has been employed, so 100% of the power is transmitted to the plunger for unsurpassed baling efficiency

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A new era of intelligent balers

• SmartFill™ II upgrades the already class-leading bale direction sensor system, which ensures that every bale is perfectly uniform
• Sensors are directly connected to the plunger, which measures with a high degree of precision, the load on the plunger. This is then translated into perfect left/right driving direction indication
• If one-sided crop entry is detected, the operator is informed via the IntelliView™ monitor to drive either more to the right or to the left of the swath, to maintain uniform feeding
• This system improves automated density as well as leading to more stable bale weights in a variety of conditions

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