Reliable double knotting. Gentle bale handling.

Pioneering double knot technology for over 33 years, New Holland has been on an unswerving quest to continually improve this industry leading technology. The BigBaler’s double knot system guarantees higher bale density with lower knotting strain. And the new big baler range introduces another baling first: Loop Master™ knotting technology. The second knot is now a loop style knot, producing a 37% stronger knot with improved tensile strength for reduced breakage, but, perhaps even more importantly it eliminates the twine offcuts, which are currently left in the field, or can even find their way into fodder. It might not sound much, but consider that over 3km of twine is recovered in a 10,000 bale season. Knotting technology has been tailored to the BigBaler’s dimensions, with eight knots on the BigBaler 870 Plus and 890 Plus models or 12 knots per bale on the BigBaler 1270 Plus and 1290 Plus variants. Improved debris management and gentle set-down logic complete the most advance baling technology around. Quite simply, the BigBaler still leads the field over a quarter of a century on.

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Double knotter: knot and knot again for ultimate bale integrity

• High bale density is guaranteed as virtually no strain is placed on the twine or the knotter during bale formation
• Two twine feed positions mean that the twine does not slide over the bale surface while the crop is pushed through the bale chamber
• The second knot is now a Loop Master™ knot, which eradicates twine offcuts. This final knot on the completed bale is made before the first knot on the new bale is tied to further enhance the reliability of the baling process

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Clean knotters for enhanced productivity

• The redesigned knotter shielding keeps the knotters free from debris for improved performance
• Two fans on four string and three on six string machine have been situated to eliminate debris accumulation
• For work in particularly dusty conditions, such as baling maize straw, an optional automatic blow-off kit is available, which directs a jet of high pressure air into the knotters
• The auto-blow off kit is available as a dealer added extra, and is powered by the tractors air brakes and its frequency is controlled via the IntelliView™ monitor

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Partial Bale-Eject™: every bale for every customer

• Partial Bale-Eject™ technology was developed so that upon finishing a customer’s field, you can eject the last fully formed bale in the chamber
• Simply activate the dedicated hydraulic lever and the bale will be fully discharged

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Full Bale-Eject™ for simplified cleaning and zero contamination

• When changing between crops or for end of season cleaning, the Full Bale-Eject™ functionality should be used
• Activated by the dedicated hydraulic lever, the entire contents of the bale chamber are ejected to enable easy maintenance and to prevent crop-to-crop contamination
• Now there are up to ten ‘active teeth’ which bite into the bale and remain in contact with the bale as it exits the baler to facilitate positive discharge

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