Clearing fields at high speed

The pick-up is perhaps the most important part of your BigBaler. New Holland has completely redesigned the MaxiSweep™ pickup for unbeatable collecting performance. Now available with 5 tine bars for 1270 and 1290 CropCutter™ models for increased performance and durability, this configuration offers a 25% increase in double tines vs previous models. Two different widths are available, the ultra-wide 2.35m is perfect for the widest straw swaths from todays’ high capacity combines, and the standard 1.96m width is the ideal choice for silage operations. The heavy-duty 5.5mm coil tines on CropCutter™ models have been designed to increase durability when working on the roughest, stoniest ground.

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An ‘S’ shaped advantage

The MaxiSweep™ pick-up side shields have a distinctive ‘S’ shape design to maintain smooth crop flow at all times and to prevent crop snagging, which in the past meant stopping the baler altogether. When working in heavy silage and negotiating tight swath corners this technology keeps you going. Additional flanges have been added to the edge of the pick-up side shields to assist the final tines, to make sure that every blade of crop safely makes it into the baler.

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Maintaining crop connection

• Spring loaded pick-up floatation suspension system is adjusted via a simple adjusting plate to provide just the right amount of vertical movement to maintain pick-up contact with the ground
• On rough, uneven terrain, the reactive setting means the pickup can quickly adapt to undulations, maintaining contact 100% of the time

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Smooth crop flow. Guaranteed.

• The roller wind guard continually rotates to guarantee an even flow of crop into the baler, eliminating any disturbances which could lead to crop loss or density impacting air pockets to increase crop processing efficiency

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Ultimate feeding performance

• A brand new feeding logic has been developed which is set to significantly improve baler efficiency
• Two contra rotating overshot and undershot augers direct and merge the crop flow to ensure that it is the same width as the rotor or feeder
• Efficient throughput has been further enhanced with the addition of a feed assist roller, which positively directs the crop into the rotor or feeder to maintain a constant crop flow at all times
• Poly pickup bands reduce crop friction, tine wear and eliminates noise

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Flexible pick-up wheel offering

• Pick-up height adjustment is easily controlled by a robust pin which regulates pick-up wheel height
• During use, these wheels can be speedily fitted without tools
• For transport, you can choose to remove just the wheel, or both the wheel and the support, depending on the required transport width
• The new optional heavy duty pickup wheels can now be specified

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