Sure wrapping

A positive start for the wrapping process is ensured by the unique duckbill assembly. This simple construction takes net, twine or plastic and introduces it into the bale chamber. The wrapping material is then guided onto the bale surface and pulled around the finished bale as it rotates.

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More than wrapping

The Bale Command Plus™ system provides information about major baler functions and controls the major settings. For example: bale chamber filling left/right, near full bale warning, status of the wrapping control actuator, bale ready for ejection, status of the CropCutter™ control system, total bale count, field bale count, twine bale count, net bale count, cut bale count, the list is extensive and goes on.

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Bale shape indication

For optimum bale shape and density even when operating in irregular windrows, the Bale Command Plus™ system provides a bar graph indication of the bale chamber filling. For equal filling, the operator can guide the baler according to the information displayed on bar graph.

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More than a full day’s baling

The standard baler carries three rolls of net (one active and two stored). Twine and net wrap balers can store up to six twine balls in place of a net roll.

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Increased bale protection

For outside storage of straw bales New Holland Roll-Bar balers can work with full width plastic film. For silage baling the additional plastic layers protect the crop and can help improve silage quality.

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