Double twine wrapping

The AutoWrap™ twine application system has 2 telescopic twine arms. They extend as they move from the centre to the side to ensure perfect twine delivery on the bale surface. Two leaf springs inside each tube, provide the correct twine tension, while allowing easy twine starting. Wrapping is automatic and the number of turns can be specified. A closed gearbox controls the arm movement for reduced maintenance and less risk of operational interruption.

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Wide net application

The unique 1.3 metre wide EdgeWrap™ duckbill system at 1.3 metre is wider than the 1.2 metre bale chamber, this feature means that with standard 1.2 metre net the bale edges are covered giving fantastic looking bales. When 1.3 metre net is used the net spread over each edge is even more prominent. All net application controls are centralised in the Bale Command Plus™ system.

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The duckbill: fast and sure

The exclusive duckbill net applicator actually places the net physically onto the bale virtually eliminating mis-wraps, the start of net application is immediate and controlled. As the net is automatically metered onto the bale, the pre-set amount of wrapping material is applied to provide optimal coverage at minimum cost.

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