Overall reliability and low power consumption are the result of proven, direct drivelines and the four-speed hydrostatic transmission. Positorque variators are continued on the new CR range, and they still offer simple efficient technology that means more power for harvesting when compared to heavy power sapping CVT competitor alternatives. Remember: simplicity is always the best policy.

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The CR can be specified with a wide range of tyres to suit your individual needs, from the narrowest 710/70R42 to meet strict transport widths and to negotiate narrow gateways, right up to the largest 900/60R38 tyres which can reduce compaction by up to 35%. Moreover, a 40kph ECO transport speed, which is available across the entire range, saves fuel and cuts productivity impacting transport time to ensure more crop is harvested at its optimum ripeness.

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The CR’s compact design and impressive 50° steering angle, give it has a turning circle of a mere 14m. This means smaller headlands for improved straw quality and reduced harvesting time, together with a tighter headland turn for less time turning and more time harvesting.

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