The unique Automatic Stone Protection System (ASP) uses a detection sensor located under the closed lower drum of the straw elevator. When a stone is detected, the full width pivoting door automatically opens and the stone is ejected. This solution requires minimal operator input and ensures an unobstructed flow of the crop from the feeder to the rotors. This enhances grain and straw quality, as well as capacity, not forgetting the automatic protection of the internal feeding elements for extended machine life.

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The IntelliCruise™ Automatic Crop Feeding system automatically matches the forward speed to crop load. A sensor on the straw elevator driveline continually monitors the demand placed on the header, so in areas of lighter crop, forward speed is automatically increased to guarantee the combine works at full capacity independently of areas of differing yield.

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New Holland invented the Twin Rotor™ concept over 40 years ago, and has been refining and evolving this technology for almost four decades to offer farmers ever increasing capacity and improved grain and straw quality. New Holland also knows that no two farms are alike, so two different types and sizes of rotor have been developed to suit farmer’ individual needs. The 17” standard rotors are fitted to the CR7.90 model, and the heavy duty, high capacity 22” design are fitted to the CR9.80 model. A bespoke machine for top drawer quality and performance.

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With a total area under wind-control of 6.54m² on the CR9.80 model, and of 5.40m² on the CR7.90 model, the cleaning shoe efficiently handles the largest grain volumes. The Opti-Clean™ system optimises the stroke and throwing angles in the cleaning system. The grain pan, pre and top sieves operate independently to optimise the cascade for greater capacity, and the longer sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne, for even higher cleaning efficiency. The opposing motion of the grain pan and bottom sieve to the pre-sieve and the top sieve reduces overall machine vibrations and increases operator comfort.

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When using the largest 12.5m Varifeed™ header on the CR, a dedicated and powerful straw spreading system is a must. The optional Opti-Spread™ straw spreader mounted behind the straw chopper easily meets any spreading width requirement. This system has been further enhanced with the addition of Dual-Chop™ technology. All residue passes through a dedicated rake containing razor sharp blades to ensure a superfine chop of all material. This is perfect for minimum or no tillage operations that employ direct cultivation techniques. The Opti-Spread™ system is controlled from the comfort of the cab, and the two powerful discs can be adjusted to counteract any wind or side-slope impact.

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The ultra-wide 26.4cm IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor is fixed on rollers which can move along an ideal viewing arc so you can position it just where you want. This intuitive, colour touchscreen displays and monitors all combine functions and parameters which can be simply and easily adjusted by simply touching the screen. A second screen can be installed on request and is perfect for IntelliSteer® auto guidance tasks.

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The Opti-Fan™ system compensates for the gravitational effects on crop material during harvesting. Select the desired fan speed on flat ground, and the system automatically adjusts it when going up or downhill to maintain cleaning performance. When travelling on upward slopes the fan slows down to prevent sieve losses, and when tackling downhill gradients fan speed increases to prevent thick material build ups on the sieves. This efficient system requires no extra work from the operator and provides a better grain sample together with reduced losses.

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