Smart Sieve™ and Opti-Fan™ really is smart

The Smart Sieve™ system automatically adjusts the sieve action to compensate for side slopes, increasing lateral movement to guide the grain so it lies in an even layer across the sieve. The award-winning Opti-Fan™ system corrects fluctuations in the speed of grain flow across the cleaning shoe. Whether working up-hill or down-hill, the fan speed automatically adapts to the direction and to the degree of the slope, increasing overall cleaning efficiency by up to 30% in heavy conditions.

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Double cascade cleaning shoe

Increasing the overall cleaning action, a 450mm pre-sieve, with a steep slope and an additional air blast, removes large volumes of chaff and short straw ahead of the main sieves. This reduces the load on the main cleaning systems to ensure enhanced cleaning even when throughput is optimised.

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Fingertip sieve control

As crop conditions change during the day, the operator can adjust the sieves from the cab with optional remote sieve adjustment.

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