TC productivity starts at the header. Common grain header features include a large diameter reel, with easy adjustment, and an aggressive knife action and retractable fingers over the full intake auger width. These features combine to deliver consistent crop feed right from the start. You can get working faster too, thanks to the quick header coupling system and, if you have to stop for a blockage, no problem. Blockage clearance is straightforward and dependable. Just what you expect from New Holland.

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Automatic Header Height Control

Automatic Header Height Control offers a choice between stubble height control or automatic pressure compensation. In normal working conditions, the header height can be set and left to automatically look after itself. Lateral float takes care of uneven terrain across the front of the combine.

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Autofloat™ II system

Autofloat™ II is available to suit rolling field conditions*. The system automatically corrects “exaggerated weight signals” to reduce the tendency for the header to bulldoze when working downhill and maintains the correct stubble height when working uphill.
*only available on TC5.80, TC5.90 and TC5.90 Hillside, Controlfloat™ system available on TC4.90

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High capacity headers

A mechanically driven reel ensures reliable performance, and the 1150 stroke per minute knife offers a perfect cut in all kinds of crops. Perfect stubble height is maintained by the height control skid plates, sensors automatically monitor the position of the header and ensure optimum header performance. The High capacity grain header range offers 4 models from 3.96m to 6.10m with a specific “Rice” configuration in 5.18m if needed.

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Heavy-Duty Varifeed™ headers

With a fore and aft adjustment of 575mm, the knife can be positioned to deliver optimised cutting efficiency to suit both the crop and changing conditions. Laid crops and long straw are no longer an issue, simply adjust the knife to optimize flow to the feed auger. Electro-hydraulic adjustment allows the knife position to be changed from the cab while harvesting.

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Designed to fit TC combines

New Holland has developed an all-new maize header line-up, purpose designed for TC combines. The upgraded maize header offering perfectly satisfies the demands of modern maize harvesting to boost productivity and harvesting efficiency. The shorter points better follow ground contours to prevent ‘run-down’ of crops. The gills direct any loose kernels to the back of the header, consigning wasted cobs to the history books. The replaceable wear strips extend the headers lifespan and all points flip up on self-supporting gas struts for easy cleaning and maintenance. Modern maize headers for modern farmers.

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Flip-up or rigid: the choice is yours

Rigid headers are available in 5 or 6 row configurations, while a 6 row flip-up version is available on TC5.80 and TC5.90 models. The flip-up version is the ideal choice for transport intensive operations that are subject to 3.5m width restrictions.

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Fast Coupler

Field to field transitions are made much faster and easier thanks to the standard Fast Coupler.

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