A key harvest frustration is to have a full grain tank with no trailer support. With a 5200 litre tank on the TC5.70 and tanks of 6400 litres on both the TC5.80 and TC5.90, TC series combines have the capacity to keep working for longer. And when the trailer does arrive, the tanks can be emptied in under 2 minutes.

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Improved under-auger clearance

Modern high-sided grain trailers can be filled quickly from a TC combine, the operator getting a great view of the unloading process. With a rated capacity of 72 litres per second, the unloading augers empty the grain tank fast, helping speed up your harvest.

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Larger, user friendly grain tanks

TC combines have grain tank capacity increased to 6400L on larger models. The grain tank lid has also been redesigned to offer easy opening and closing from the cab platform.

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